Il Postino

I cried buckets after watching this.Massimo Troisi was the driving force behind turning this episode in the life of the great poet into a movie of such depth and simplicity. Famous as a comic actor, Massimo so strongly identified with the character of the postman, that it turned out to be his masterpiece, His heart failed while making the film and many of the scenes were shot when he was in bed. He died just 12 hours after the camera stopped rolling.
Neruda’s poems , as always, made me feel so fortunate to be loved and to be in love. It was like watching episodes from my own life – the play with words, the metaphors, the intoxicating wooing that only the blessed experience. Another of those days when I am happy to be alive, and at peace with what life has given me so far.

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  1. Mujib

    I can’t subscribe to your RSS feed(s) with Bloglines. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I believe the problem has been fixed. Try subscribing now and let me know if you have further problem.

  3. Mujib

    Works now. Thanks.

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