Cold Mountain

So here I was watching “Cold Mountain” without any expectation whatsoever. Its availability and its Oscar nomination was the only reason I had it in my list. But a few minutes into the movie and I was hooked- no not because of Jude Law. It was the music- so reminiscent of the hills of Assam, so simple and sad, like maa’s lullabies, I never thought the music of my land would follow me thus and was surprised that two places so different in every possible way, could have a music so common. Its the hills I guess, there’s no escaping them once you have lived with them. They get into your music, with that haunting melancholy note. The sound of the Banjo and the fiddle haunted be for the rest of the week.
There was this one song that I really liked . I found that Sting is the writer and composer, and I now have this nagging feeling that he has some Assamese connection :) Its called ” My ain true love” and I could have sworn there is an Assamese song with that tune. All in all- a movie that was worth watching, and whose music I’ll never forget.

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