Georgia on my mind

Last weekend I visited a friend of mine who lives in Hilton_Head , a small island off the Atlantic coast. While there I also visited Savannah, a small seaside town famous for its southern hospitality and history. I simply fell in love with that place. Till then I had only associated Georgia with Atlanta, a city I am forced to live in and not one I’m particularly fond of. Strange how we discover things about ourselves as we go. I never could quite pinpoint what it is about a place that attracts or repels me. For instance, in spite of its natural beauty and friendly people , I never could bring myself to genuinely like Florida. I now realize its because everywhere I look I only see new buildings, synthetic grass and artificially planted trees. I would much rather live in a small town which has even a remote connection to history, maybe a broken down fort or an old church/temple, wild trees and unplanned vegetation.

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  1. A Friend you visited

    I am glad you liked it.

  2. How is Pixie a darling…hey did I tell you the new nickname I taught her to respond to? Don’t get mad at me…it’s Goboo :)

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