Gosford Park

I think this is my lucky month. Last week I won two tickets to attend Al Gore’s speech here at Tech. Then today I watched Gosford Park, a random Netflix selection. I had absolutely no expectation from it and was prepared for yet another droll commentary on 20th century England. Instead I was rewarded with a jewel of a movie which in my history of movie-watching became the only one to be honored with three viewings in quick successsion ( no, I was not depressed or crazy). I attribute it to that one scene towards the end between two main characters which, to me, was the most sexually charged scene I have ever scene in a movie. Really surprising considering that during the entire scene, the characters are decently clothed and simply talking, talking about a murder at that, and the only physical contact is a kiss at the end. I was literally bowled over by that scene and actually felt weak in the knees. A surreal experience. The last time a book or movie affected me thus was when I was a 12-year old reading Anna Karenina. I was infatuated with the Vronsky-Anna romance and remember reading those parts involving the two lovers over and over again. I really enjoyed this deja vu moment that made me feel more than a decade younger today :) And I thought I had finally grown up !

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