Costa Rica Retreat 2011- Prologue

Starting today, I am going to make a conscious effort to chronicle my Dec 2011 trip to Costa Rica . It was the first trip my husband and I actually planned professionally and the results were well worth the price. We returned with happy memories and new friends, and wonderful experiences that we had never bargained for. Here’s hoping that I live up to the task and record these thoughts before the stress of daily life takes over, and they get relegated to that obscure category of memories in the mind that one cherishes but can never fully recall.

Some names that deserve to be acknowledged at the very beginning: Beatrice Blake, the owner of a Costa Rica travel website who works with ACTUAR to promote ecotourism, to help clueless folks like us plan environmentally friendly and sustainable vacations. And of course my genius husband who had this wonderful idea in the first place!

We had to get visas for Costa Rica which didn’t happen until late November, and this kept our plans pretty much on the fence. The visa process itself was a breeze. We showed up at the CR consulate in NYC, submitted our forms, and had the visa within an hour and a half. This was when the reality of our vacation finally hit us and we kept our fingers crossed for Murphy not to raise his ugly head. We waited for December 4, the day we would be flying out to San Jose.

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